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Drive to axe Female Russian Poplars in Pulwama begins

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PULWAMA, APRIL 08:  District Development Commissioner (DDC), Puwama, Dr Raghav Langer, today visited Khrew to monitor the ongoing cutting of Russian Poplars in the area  where a  team of Revenue and Social Forestry Corporation ( SFC) officials  has started cutting poplar trees.

Speaking on the occasion DDC said that in prevailing situation axing of poplar trees has become imperative to impede the spread of Covid-19 which is considered a health hazard by the experts and are responsible for developing allergic conditions in humans. He said that the process will continue till all Russian poplars near habitations would be axed in the district.

DDC asked People to cooperate with the administration in cutting down the Russian poplar trees as these release pollen that accumulates in the form of cotton balls causing multiple allergies.

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