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Positive case of Coronavirus cases has gone up to 28 in Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, sending alarm bells to the authorities to look for ways and means to control it. Administration is trying to hand over Kashmir to police as they have been doing in the past, but this time it needs buffer of officials to make people understand that whatever the government is doing including lockdown is entirely for the benefit of the people. The way police is handling the situation on the streets of Srinagar is disturbing and needs attention of higher ups of the administration so that compassion becomes the key and not the confrontation.

Common people should understand that all the restrictions on their movement and repeated appeals to them to stay indoors are entirely for their safety and health. Social distance is to be maintained at all costs to stop the spread of COVID-19 virus, but in the interiors of localities people are not paying any heed to such appeals.

Recently government had to go for a crackdown to trace and bring about 1200 suspected case of covid-19 to the isolation centers of the government. It is callous on the part of these people that they have to be located and virtually arrested for the quarantine period despite they have return from the places where covid-19 infection has spread earlier.

IN most of the quarantine wards set up by the government the suspected cases are not cooperating and many of them fled from the hospitals. It is very tragic and unfortunate that about 14 persons who were kept in JLNM Rainawari for surveillance, not only flew the hospital but also smashed window pans and other furniture in the hospital. Unless we will not understand that it is our collective fight to stop the spread of the disease, more cases will surface and it would be too late for the rest of the population in Kashmir to save themselves

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