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Coronavirus: Medical Teams Scanning Khanyar

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SRINAGAR: A day after an elderly lady was detected positive for the Coronavirus; authorities have gone in fast gear to assess the infections that might have spread in the belt. A team of 20 medical teams are in the locality going from home to home to collected information.

Doctors visiting the old city locality for the infection assessment on March 19, 2020, a day after a lady was detected with Coronavirus infection. In this photograph, they are seen marking a house after the visit.

Th lady who had arrived on March 16 after performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia might have met most of the family and the extended clan in addition to the relatives and the neighbours. A well to do family, the relatives of their sons and daughters might have also dropped in to pay their respects.

A  reporter watched the teams moving from door to door, identifying the homes around and marking them for future investigations.

The teams were also seen talking to the hotels and the guesthouses that operate in the area. The locality, however, is not Khayam proper. It is the locality located between Barbarshah, Khayam and Khanyar. This area is crowded with tourist guest houses.

Officials were not able to inform if they have been able to locate the number of people who had met the lady. Efforts to reach the senior managers at the SKIMS to get the information about the quarantine efforts of the contacts of the lady failed as none of the officials picked the phone.

The area has already been kept under a tight cordon to ensure that the people remained restricted to their own homes and no outsider could get in.



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