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Health for all

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There have been dozens of schemes launched by the central government in order to provide better health care and also the cover for the have knots of the society. Unfortunately most of the schemes have not touched the ground in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. LG Murmu recently launched a scheme of health card for the lakhs of students enrolled in government schools in order to provide those better health care facilities.

While inaugurating such intervention from the administration Murmu, said that focus on health and education is a nation building strategy. There is no doubt that health of the children is the direct reflection of the future as they are bound to have an impact on the future if they are healthy.

In order to provide better health care facilities for the children especially to the school going children is a step in right direction taken by LG Murmu. But there are huge number of children who are either schools dropouts or they have been enrolled in private educational institutions. There should be health cover for such children also in entire Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Parents have to be a part of this initiative as they are one of the primary stakeholders, besides, teachers, school management, and the government. Role of parents is imperative to achieve the goal of well being of students by making children aware about the various diseases such as the most recent corona virus and various health choices & behaviors.

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