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Floriculture Development    

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Despite all claims by the authorities that they are giving lot of attention for the development of nurseries and other plant material for the development of gardens and as an economic plank of Kashmir on ground very little has been done.

There are hundreds of open spaces available in lot of rural areas especially in Kashmir valley and not attention has given till date to develop them into public parks or gardens. There are huge old gardens available in the villages which are dumping grounds for solid wastes and the government has given no attention to develop them or public parks or amusement parks.

Recently government said that they will develop theme gardens in Srinagar and Jammu cities to begin with but we have were little trained staff available to work on gardens on the scientific basis.

Recently government has decided that on regular basis, the Department of floriculture deputes its officials and workers for the Model Training Course (MTC) on advances in Floriculture and Landscaping held across several centers of the country. Besides this, training of farmers on plant propagation and nursery management is also carried out by the Department, in order to give the latest know who to the farmers and villagers on ground.

Government has taken several initiatives to strengthen the existing network, which boosts the floriculture sector and makes it more focused and research oriented.
They are making sure that this vital sector gets its due priority and it becomes one of the economic planks for the common people on ground especially in the rural areas of Kashmir.

The government has developed new varieties of flowers in the Asia’s largest Tulib Garden on the banks of Dal Lake. Government is also mulling to develop more gardens in Srinagar city and they need moiré plants and it can help the villagers to develop plant nurseries.

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