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Assurance by Governor

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State Governor Satya Pal Malik on Tuesday told people of Kashmir that everything was alright and everything was normal. This assurance has come at a time when the rumours were flying thick and high in entire Kashmir that things would not be normal and will have to wait for the coming days till the Central Government will go for a massive crackdown in Kashmir.

Governor Malik said that people of Kashmir should not trust rumours, but the government and when asked about the government orders being circulated on social media, he said that all these orders were invalid. He said that it is a habit of Kashmiris to pay heed to the rumours and said that everything was normal.

Common people are relieved by the assurance of State Governor that there is nothing going to happen post-Eid in Kashmir and all the talk about striking down Article 35(A) was figment of imagination. But there is lot of panic on the ground and all these rumours have basis in these reports being circulated on the social media from different government wings that things are not normal asking the people in their own ranks to keep dry ration ready.

Such government orders being circulated on the social media has reinforced the fears among the people of Kashmir that everything is not normal on the ground. There have been some developments which further reinforced their fears. One of them was the order of Union Home Ministry dispatching 10,000 additional paramilitary troops to Kashmir in this month of July.

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