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Omar Abdullah has a point

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Omar Abdullah recently in a newspaper article has articulated the views of the mainstream politicians especially Kashmir centric regional parties. He has asked the Central Government that they should not allow the democracy to get killed by simply trying to make their agenda feasible on the ground with the help of State Governor. He said that the Central Government should allow people of Jammu nad Kashmir to elect their own representatives so that the development can become a reality in all the three regions of the State.

He said that BJP government at the Centre was more than happy for the delay of the elections in J&K State and said that they could have conducted the polls before the Amarnath yatra and expressed hope that after the yatra in the winter months there would be an elected government in place. Omar said that the Central Government was trying to diminish the importance of MLAs in the democratic system and they want now only the panchayat system on the ground along with MPs at the top. He said that without the elected MLAs the entire exercise of democracy was farce in J&K State.

Omar Abdullah expressed his anger over the recent decisions of State Governor Satya Pal Malik including bringing reservations for the people of Jammu region who are living all along the international border. Omar said that such decisions have huge consequences for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and cautioned the Centre that they should leave such decisions for the elected government of Jammu and Kashmir State to decide. He accused State Governor Satya Pal Malik of acting as an agent of Centre and said that he was trying to implement the agenda of BJP under the grab of being pro-People in J&K State.

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