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Social Media and Tourism

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In this modern age social media plays an important role for the growth of tourism at any place of the world and the Kashmir cannot ignore the importance of Social media in this sector. In this direction, the Tourism officers of State administration have recently recognized the fact that social media has to play the key role for bringing back tourists to Kashmir.

Recently the representatives from hotel, travel and houseboat owners associations while lauding the promotional campaigns of the tourism department gave their suggestions and feedback to the Commissioner Secretary of State Tourism.  They urged the department to go more vigorous on social media for tourism marketing and destination promotions. The representatives also sought the participation of the department in all the travel trade fairs held across the country.

The department has launched aggressive marketing campaigns on social media under the slogan “Kashmir Calling” and “When Are You Visiting.?” He said this campaign on social media is getting good response and engagements from the potential travelers. He also said that after taking proper permissions from concerned authorities, the department would provide live drone coverage of the tourist resorts on a regular basis so tourists will see by themselves how visitors and travelers are enjoying their holidays freely at different health resorts.

He further informed that the social media campaigns are proving fruitful as tourist influx to Kashmir is picking up. The department has been conducting regular road shows and participating in travel trade fairs within and outside the country, Commissioner Secretary assured the travel trade that the department would ensure its participation in all the major travel fairs across the country. Recently the department has also started cultural programmes at major tourist resorts to entertain tourists and also engage locals in such programmes.

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