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Drug menace in Srinagar

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The Srinagar city has been witnessing growing gangs of people who are distributing drugs and other such material among the young boys and girls. Since the counter-insurgency operations started in Srinagar, many gangs were being encouraged in the city for spreading drug addiction in the youth. Most of such kingpins in the past one decade have some friends in the police circles and other law enforcing agencies. That is the main reason for the flourishing of this trade in Srinagar city.

It is unfortunate that for the vote bank politics in Srinagar city many politicians have encouraged new illegal colonies in the city as pure vote banks for them. Many such illegal colonies have been developed in the water bodies especially in Dal Lake, Nageen Lake, Khushal Sar and Anchar Lakes. These illegal colonies have the patronage of police and politicians. With the result they have been encouraged to go for drug trade in Srinagar city.

If the authorities are serious to curb this trade in Srinagar city especially in downtown Srinagar they will have to go for the eviction of these illegal colonies and bust these gangs. They have become a cancer in the society and many of the socio-evils are coming out from these illegal colonies. According to the residents of Srinagar city apart from being the drug peddlers, they are going many such grey works in the society and they need to be arrested without any delay.

J&K Police has full information about the activities of such anti-social elements in the society, but unfortunately they are busy in slapping PSA on such teenagers who are involved in stone-pelting incidents. They do not think it as their duty to stop drug menace in the city and are busy only in locating the stone-pelters and booking them under PSA. Policing has disappeared in Srinagar city as their hands are full to combat militancy and other such troubles in Srinagar. The need of the hour is that the police stations start functioning to go for anti-drug peddler campaigns in Srinagar city and should arrest them and book them under PSA.

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