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Trust deficient

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There is trust deficient between India and Pakistan to restart dialogue and talk about all their mutual problems including Kashmir. Recently Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote a letter to his counterpart Prime Minister Narindra Modi, showing his willingness to talk all the issues including terror with New Delhi.

Recently Prime Minister Narindra Modi has responded to the letter of Imran Khan and has said that his country needs to create an environment of trust, free of terror, violence and hostility. Modi has said that unless Islamabad will not create an atmosphere of trust there was no scope for the talks between the two countries. Earlier, Government of India has suspended the talks with Islamabad and has said that there are some red lines and there cannot be any talks unless Pakistan will not stop terror.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has already said that he wants to have a dialogue with New Delhi and to fight poverty and ignorance in the sub-continent together with New Delhi. He has said that terror was not in the interest of Pakistan and he will not allow the soil of his country to be used by any terror group against any country.

Prime Minister Narindra Modi has talked very tough against Pakistan and the militants of Kashmir during his election campaign and he got a huge mandate from the people of the country. While the Islamabad has repeated the offer of talks, Prime Minister Modi has said in very clear terms that terror and talks cannot go together. He has asked Islamabad to show tangible changes in its policy on the ground before an atmosphere of trust is created to hold meaningful dialogue with them.

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