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Mushrooming of political outfits in Kashmir suggestive of nasty design behind dividing our voice: NC

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Srinagar : Senior Congress Leader Dr. Syed Joined Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Friday along with scores of his supporters joined National Conference in presence of Party president and Member of Parliament Srinagar Dr. Farooq Abdullah at his residence in Srinagar.

Party president while welcoming the new entrant into the party fold said, “I am sure that the party will benefit from the experience of Syed Sahib in active politics and social work. His upbeat political astuteness and organization skills will help the party. I hope he will strive to make party stronger on the grass roots.”

Later Dr Syed was accorded a warm welcome at the party head quarters Nawa e Subha, Srinagar by party’s Additional general secretary Dr Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, Provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani, District president Srinagar Peer Afaq.

While addressing the workers, party functionaries and the supporters of Dr. Syed, party’s additional general secretary stressed on the necessity of forging a strong front under the flag of National Conference. “At present we have a political dispensation at center which is spiteful to the Muslim character of our state. The forces as are at the helm of affairs at the centre are trying their level best in one way or the other to alter the demography of the state. However they won’t be able to succeed in their nefarious designs if the people of the state congregate under the flag of National Conference. It is the flag of National Conference which our enemy is afraid of, they well understand that the flag of National Conference represents the aspirations of the people of J&K. Our unity frightens them, so it is imperative for all of us to shun our prejudices and personal likes for a bigger objective of protecting the identity and territorial integrity of the state, “adding, “Dr Syed Sahib chose not to be part of those mushrooming one man parties by coming into the fold of National Conference. This shows his antipathy for the forces as are inimical to our status and their Trojan horses. I welcome him into the party fold. May Allah Guide our steps towards protecting the interests of our state.”

Party Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani while addressing the gathering said the party had historically served the interests of the state in the most trying times. “The situation is no different today. We see one man parties coming up in every alley and street of Kashmir. Mushrooming of political outfits in Kashmir is suggestive of nasty design behind dividing our voice. Why that is the trend is only wide spread in Kashmir division only. We don’t see parties coming up in every alleys and corners in Jammu and Ladakh Divisions of the state. Sher e Kashmir had prophesized that the forces as are inimical to state will go to any extent to divide the voice of Kashmiri people. The sole rationale behind propping up of new parties in Kashmir every now and then is to abate the strong voice of Kashmiris,” he said adding, “The political activists who are mindful of the threats to state’s future are devotedly joining the ever-increasing rows of NC. The people of the state have recognized the agenda of the BJP-RSS and their Trojan horses in the state. Our doors are open for all those who want the posterity to remember them for good reasons. Our programme is explicitly clear; it is to protect the identity of the state. However our chief goal is to work for the restoration of Autonomy to the state.”

Nasir while eulogizing the role of Sher e Kashmir Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah towards the social-political upliftment of the people in the state said, “People of the state saw a redeemer in Sheikh Sahib. He too strived all along his life for the good of the people notwithstanding penitentiary and confinement. Sheikh Sahib savored the people of the state from the misery of bound manual labor, ever increasing credit, despotic regime. It was he who made the ordinary the master of his land. It was he who transformed a common Kashmiri from “Hato” to “Janab”. Accomplishments like land to tiller , adult franchise, state’s own constitution, own flag , single line administration, District development boards, organization of Auqaf e Islamia, establishment of university, gender neutral voting rights, free education are few high flying feathers in the cap of National Conference. Time bears testimony as to how the state’s autonomy was abridged unscrupulously whenever NC was not in power. The need of the hour therefore calls for strengthening the efforts Omar Sahib. The trends on the ground are scathingly in favor of NC, activists from across the state are joining us in rows.”

Among others JKYNC provincial vice president Ahsan Pardesi, Salam Ud Din Bajad, minority wing organizer Jagjeet singh Azad, Saira, Kaisar Jallali were also present the occasion. On the occasion the new entrant into the party folds Dr. Syed vowed to make party stronger on the grass roots and strengthen the efforts of party leadership. (KNS)

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