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Kathua verdict

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The recent court verdict against the culprits of heinous crime against the Muslim nomad girl who was a minor has given a sign of relief to the family of the victim and also it is a slap on the face of those politicians who were protesting on the streets of Jammu in favour of culprits. BJP and other right wing political parties should understand that by siding with the crime and the criminal, they will gain nothing, but only ridicule from the society.

Recently court has awarded the sentence to all the accused expect one person in the case and the case was cracked by the J&K Police Crime Branch Wing. Earlier, BJP and other right wing political parties were demanding the case to be given to CBI and were confident that the case will not with stand before the law. Now the verdict is out and it is a message to all those communal maniacs that there is no place for such crimes in J&K State.

They were also awarded different jail terms for various offences under the RPC which will run concurrently with the life term besides a fine of Rs one lakh each, Singh said. If they do not deposit the fine, they will have to serve additional six months in jail. Life term for the three convicts means they will be in jail till the end of their natural life.

The other three accused–Sub Inspector Anand Dutta, Head Constable Tilak Raj and special police officer Surender Verma — were convicted for destruction of evidence to cover up the crime and handed down five years in jail and Rs 50,000 fine each. The court acquitted the seventh accused Vishal Jangotra, son of Sanji Ram, giving him the ‘benefit of doubt’. It pronounced the much-awaited verdict away from the gaze of media which gathered in full strength outside the court premises. All the 7 accused were present in the courtroom.

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