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Healthcare system

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Health care system in J&K State is not so healthy. All the government run hospitals have not been able to cater to the needs of growing patients. Most of the rush finally comes to the few hospitals of Srinagar as they are overcrowded. Most of the modern equipment and hospital buildings constructed in the rural areas have remained defunct due to many reasons. They have become only referral points for the patients of rural areas to be sent to Srinagar city.

The criminal delay in treating the patients in these rural areas by the Health Department of J&K State has created lot of concern in the administration of the State. The State administration currently being run under the directions of State Governor Satya Pal Malik has taken lot of steps for the streamlining of health care system in entire State especially in the rural areas.

Most of the district hospitals in the 22 districts of the State have not been able to stop the rush of patients to Srinagar city as it has resulted in lot of delay for the treatment of needy patients. There is another problem in the government run hospitals that is shortage of essential medicines. The poor people, who have no resources, are forced to go to the open markets around the hospitals of Srinagar to purchase medicines and other equipment for surgeries of the patients. There is very little concern for those poor patients who cannot afford to purchase the medicines from the open market.

The pathetic condition of cancer patients is very appalling and it needs immediate attention of the authorities especially of the Governor Satya Pal Malik. There are cancer patients, who have no money to purchase the medicine from the market and even the hospitals refuse to help them to purchase the same adding to their miseries. There should be money available in the chest of hospitals for the treatment of those poor cancer patients who have no money to purchase the medicines from the market.

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