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No relief

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As the holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end, there is no respite or relief to the common people in the markets of Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir. Governor’s administration promised that they will bring the markets under control, but the fact of the matter remains that all the essential commodities are being sold in the markets on very exorbitant prices.

The government has failed so far to control the prices in the markets of Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir. By acting against small shopkeepers of Srinagar and districts, the government is only compounding the problem. There is further hike in the prices and the wholesalers have not been tackled by the government so far. The price rise can be stopped only if the government will act against the wholesalers and will try to control the prices on the top.

In this direction, Governor’s administration has recently issued a fervent appeal to both wholesaler and retailer associations to advise their members to observe self-restraint and collectively decide not to charge more than the prices fixed by the Government.

Governor has repeatedly said that strict action will be taken against those wholesalers and retailers who shoot up prices abnormally and violate the rates fixed by the Government. But on the ground there seems no impact of such warnings on the shopkeepers.

The government will have to act more firmly against the wholesalers and also go for market checking on daily basis so as to control the prices. In absence of such mechanism, the government will face a tough challenge from the shopkeepers and wholesalers as they are still selling mutton, chicken, vegetable and fresh fruit at exorbitant prices in this holy month of Ramadan.

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