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Passenger transport not available for people on Aharbal-Kulgam route

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By: Khubaib Malik

Srinagar: Students, patients and village elders faced tough time as the passenger transport is rarely available on Aharbal-Kulgam route. According to villagers, there are very few passenger vehicles available on this route and due to the non-availability of sufficient public transport, they are facing lot of problems especially the students and government employees.

One of the village elders told this reporter that there is only one passenger vehicle available in the morning on this route, forcing the students to be hanging from outside on this vehicle due to overload. The villagers have appealed the authorities to enhance the transport on this route especially during the morning and afternoon hours so that the students and employees can reach to their respective destinations.

Students have said that they cannot pay for the Sumo vehicles and they only wait for the passenger transport to reach to their schools and colleges. The condition of the roads is also not good and with the result, very few passenger vehicles ply on these roads.

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