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Matter of concern

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Hundreds of students after being intimidated and thrashed in different professional colleges have returned back to Kashmir Valley. Most of them are uncertain about their return to these colleges while as crores of rupees have been given as fee by their parents. This is the irony of the situation that despite giving such huge amounts to these colleges, in most of the cases the Principals and the Management of these colleges told Kashmiri students to leave without any delay.

According to a recent survey not less than Rs three thousand crores go out of Kashmir to different professional colleges across the State including Bangladesh for the education of Kashmiri students. This is a deliberate attempt by the Central Government not to allow locals of Kashmir to set up these colleges in Kashmir Valley so that these hundreds of students can get the education near their homes.

Recently, some office bearers of Private Educatoinal Instittions of Kashmir held a press conference and appeal the government to allow them to set up these professional colleges in Kashmir Valley. Terming the forced expulsion of thousands of Kashmiri students from outside colleges as the biggest challenge before the society, the Coaching Centres’ Association of Kashmir (CCAK) and Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has called for joint efforts to cope up with the huge problem.

The association called for keeping education apolitical and urged the leaders to shun away from doing politics by using the children. Around 3000 students have arrived and more are coming. It is becoming one of the biggest challenges before us. Majority of these students including girls have been humiliated, intimidated and threatened. There are cases of beatings too. At places, colleges have been forced to rusticate the students and police has been pressurised to register cases against them on frivolous charges.

In such a situation the students are not willing to go back. Even the parents are apprehensive about their wards re-joining the colleges in such an atmosphere. Maybe the situation cools down in some days but nobody is sure about the future. What if a similar situation arises again? Assembly elections are approaching in the coming months and the atmosphere will be charged and even polarised. In such a sensitive atmosphere of manipulative politics, there is every likelihood that our students can become hostage to the situation again.

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