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US lawmakers say troops withdrawal from Afghanistan risky

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Washington : Any hasty withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, as in the case of Syria, would pave way for another 9/11, top US lawmakers and experts have warned.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday decided to pull out a significant number of American troops from Afghanistan, a day after he announced a withdrawal from Syria.

Currently, the US has nearly 15,000 troops in Afghanistan working either with a NATO mission to support Afghan forces or in separate counter-terrorism operations.

Trump is considering pulling out some 3,000 troops from the war-torn country.

The senators termed the withdrawal of American troops a high risk strategy.

“The conditions in Afghanistan –at the present moment– make American troop withdrawals a high-risk strategy. If we continue on our present course, we are setting in motion the loss of all our gains and paving the way toward a second 9/11,” Senator Lindsey Graham said. (PTI)

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