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Havells India launches India’s first Water Purifier with pH balance and Natural Mineral Fortification capability

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Srinagar, : Havells India Limited today at Srinagar unveiled a range of unique water purifiers capable of handling new age pollutants . These purifiers maintain the pH balance in water and add various essential minerals and trace elements lost during the reverse osmosis (RO) process.
As per the data compiled by Integrated Disease Survillance Program (IDSP), around 74% of the drinking water samples picked from various sources in Kashmir have been contaminated with “microbes”. The contaminations as per the data include bacteria and other organisms that causes diseases such as gastroenteritis, typhoid and acute diarrheal diseases.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shashank Shrivastav, Vice President Havells India Limited, said, “We are extremely delighted to foray into the water purification segment with these first of its kind water purifiers. With only 1 % of the country covered, this is an extremely under penetrated and much needed product, our products will address consumers need and we target to garner at least 10% market share in next 3-4 years”.
He further added, “Our range of water purifiers are designed keeping Indian consumers and changing water conditions, especially new age pollutants such as pesticides & industrial waste in mind. These machines can automatically detect the quality of input water and offer safe and healthy water. We are confident that consumers would love these aesthetically appealing and technologically superior offering from us”. The product would also offer a host of advanced consumer convenience features such as programmable multi-fill options, feather touch consumer interface, alerts on performance, & preventive maintenance, operations and cartridge life. The range consists of six product variants, priced between Rs. 10,499 and Rs. 23,999.
In the usual reverse osmosis (RO) process, most minerals are lost while removing impurities and total dissolved solids (TDS). In many instance, this leads to drop in pH of water. This low pH turns water acidic, thereby harming the human body, bitter taste is first indication. Many competing brands make correction in taste with a bypass of water from RO, this exposes consumers to the risk of various chemicals and heavy metals. Havells Water Purifiers are intelligently designed to purify water through 100% RO and UV purification, maintain healthy pH levels and fortify it with necessary natural minerals through a special cartridge thus delivering safe and healthy drinking water. The double UV purification ensures that water is kept fresh and safe at all times even during long storage of water in purifiers. Revitalizer in these purifiers
makes water biologically active, this improves hydration and easy absorption in the body. These products have smart user interface and ‘iProtect’, a purification monitoring system that constantly monitors the purification process and ensures safe water & healthy water.
Havells water purifiers would be available across J&K in a phased manner, through its sales & distribution network. The company has also created a dedicated ecosystem for after sales service. Service technicians have been trained for the in-house developed technology and would offer service in every part of the country. Customers would be able to reach through the toll free helpline of Havells that is served in 9 different languages.

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