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ISM dispensary in Kangan village faces shortage of doctors, medicines

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SRINAGAR,: An ISM dispensary at village Hayan of Kangan area of Ganderbal district is facing shortage of doctors and medicines.

Local residents said that the dispensary was established in village however lacking basic infrastructure, staff and medicines. They said that due to the shortage of the doctors, paramedic staff and medicines people of the area are badly suffering.

“Only one paramedical official is running the ISM center,” they said. They said that they are forced to lift serious to Truma hospital Kangan for treatment which is almost 10 kilometers from village.

“ISM dispensaries are the backbone of medical system and with the penetration of allopathic medicines. The government attention towards the sector is diminishing “, they said.

The villagers said that they have approached concern authority number of times requesting them to arrange doctors for the center but till date no action has been taken.

They appealed to concerned District administration Ganderbal and Governor to look into the matter.

When contact Nodal Officer Mushtaq Ahmad said that the doctor who is posted at this particular ISM dispensary is now working in directorate as a computer operator due to the shortage of employees. (PTK)

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