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Defaced currency notes found in JK Bank ATM in Bemina

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Srinagar: A Jammu and Kashmir Bank ATM dispensed defaced currency notes on Friday when a customer withdraws rupees 2000 in Bemina area of Srinagar district.
Local residents alleged that torn, burnt and cut notes were regularly found among the amounts drawn from the ATM, blaming the bank staff, as it could not happen without their knowledge.
While Talking to Kashmir News Bureau Malik Sameed a journalist by profession said “On Friday at around 6:44pm I withdraw rupee two thousand from Jammu and Kashmir Bank ATM in Bemina area of Srinagar, I was in hurry so I did not check the notes till I went back home late night. When I emptied the pockets I found 500 notes were burnt and other notes little damaged.”  I also tried to exchange the currency notes at shops, but none of the vendor accepted it.”
 “As none of the notes is useful, I tried to deposit the cash. I tried to deposit the cash in the deposit machine but in vain.” said Malik.
“This is very unfortunate that how a bank staff is so irresponsible,”  I appeal jammu and Kashmir bank Chairman Mr Parvez Ahmad to take strict action on such irresponsible employees,”  he said.
Important to know, in 1999, RBI introduced clean note policy in 1999 asking banks do not pass on the soiled, torn or scribbled notes to the customers and deposit the same with the RBI. In 2002, under the clean note policy, RBI advised banks to stop stapling currency notes. The policy also stated that banks refusing to exchange such notes will be fined Rs 10,000.
However, When Kashmir News Bureau tried to contact Bank Manager, he could not be contact for his comments.

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