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If India takes one step, we’ll take two to resolve Kashmir issue: Imran Khan

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Mumbai/Islamabad: Former cricketer turned politician Imran Khan is set to be the new Prime Minister of Pakistan after his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is leading with 119 votes. The party tweeted that “Yahaan Ka mausam badalnay wala hai, Yahaan koi aanay wala hai (Winds of Change are about to strike Pakistan. Someone is coming to bring the change.)
Addressing the press conference, Imran Khan said: “I thank Allah, after 22 years of struggle, my prayers have been answered. I have got the chance to fulfil my dream and serve the nation.”
He said the Pakistan he saw growing up, deteriorated in front of his “very eyes”.
“Through its ups and downs; I am grateful for being given this chance,” he added.
Imran Khan said he came into politics because he wanted Pakistan to become the country that Jinnah had envisioned.
“I just want to say a few things about the kind of Pakistan I want to see. My inspiration is our Prophet (PBUH) who believed in a welfare state; where we take responsibility for our weak,” he added.
He called the 2018 general elections in Pakistan “historic”.
“This election has been historic; people have sacrificed so much. I especially want to thank the people of Balochistan who despite terrorism came out in huge numbers to vote,” he said.
Thanking the voters for the turnout Imran Khan said, “The scenes I saw on TV; the way overseas Pakistanis came, the elderly, the young. I want to salute them all because they have made our democracy evolve and progress.”
Imran Khan said, “Our policies is to lift our most poor. Our labourers, our farmers who don’t even make enough money to feed their children properly. Majority of our children suffer from stunted growth.”
“We don’t give our children the opportunities to excel. 2.5 crore kids are out of school in our country; this is more than the population of some countries,” Imran Khan said.
Want a Pakistan that stands for humanity: Imran Khan
“I want a Pakistan that will work for the poor and weak, for farmers. I want a Pakistan that stands for humanity,” Imran Khan said.
Imran Khan praises China, says lot to learn from the country
No nation can survive with a small fraction of rich and a sea of poor people. We should learn from China how it distributes wealth, Imran Khan said.
“Nations are not recognised by how their elite live; rather it is recognised by how it treats and lifts its poor. The example of China lifting 70 crore people out of poverty is in front of us,” he said.
Indian media portrayed me like a Bollywood villain, says Imran Imran
Imran Khan said, “I am little disappointed by the way Indian media has portrayed me like a Bollywood villain”.
Imran Khan refers to India-Pak ties in his media address:
Indian forces committing human rights abuses in Kashmir: Imran Khan
“Want peace with India, want trade ties with India. Unfortunate that the core issue is Kashmir. India committing human rights abuses in Kashmir. Kashmiris have suffered a lot. India has only blamed Pakistan for anything happening in any corner of the world. Want good dialogue with India. Kashmir issue can be solved by sitting across the table. If India takes one step, we will take two steps. Indo-Pak friendship necessary for the sub-continent,” Imran Khan said.
He added, “If India’s leadership is willing then the both of us can solve Kashmir issue through dialogue. It will be good for the subcontinent also.”
“The main issue between India and Pakistan is Kashmir but blame game can’t continue forever,” he said.
“Because of cricket, I want better ties with the neighbour country,” he said.

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