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Some PDP MLAs set to forge ‘unholy’ alliance with BJP after Amarnath Yatra: Karra

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Srinagar : Senior Congress leader and former Member of Parliament (MP), Tariq Hameed Karra Tuesday said that some MLAs from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) are all set to coble yet another ‘unholy and unethical’ alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after Amarnath Yatra, against a very heavy reward of huge amount for each MLA.

Karra said that “as predicted by me in 2015, then again in 2016 and most recently on June 24th, PDP is bound to fall apart like a pack of cards. The magnet of unholy power which held these political opportunists, political toddlers and political paratroopers to hold them together is no more.”

“Now the misadventure contemplated by these Mufti Sahib’s self-styled preachers of North Pole, South Pole theory shall have to face a lot of direct, blunt and uncomfortable questions. For most of them I think this misadventure shall be their last political innings,” Karra told Kashmir News Service (KNS)

He said “as I have already mentioned in my tweet on 24th of June, ‘a group of MLA’s led by Late Mufti’s and Mehbooba’s most loyalist Man are all set to coble yet another unholy and unethical alliance with BJP after Amarnath Yatra, against a very heavy reward of huge amount for each MLA.”

Karra added “the game plan would be to hold a separate legislature party meeting and dethrone Mehbooba Mufti as leader of the Legislature Party and this independent group would be allowed to occupy separate seats in the Assembly by the speaker.”

Karra said that simultaneously this independent group would form the Government with BJP. “Though it was a fait accompli after PDP became facilitator and collaborator with RSS, the irony is that the party president of PDP shall literally be thrown out of her own party by her most trusted lieutenants,” he said. (KNS)

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