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Wife arrested for murdering husband

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SRINAGAR: Police have finally arrested the young widow of the Nowgam property dealer whose body was exhumed last week. His wife had killed him along with a Molvi who was leading prayers in the local mosque, police said.

Abiroo Shafi, a resident of Nowgam area, on the outskirts of Srinagar, “died” on March 11. He was a property dealer. The family took it a normal case of death till they felt suspicious of the things that had happened in the family. They informed the police and the investigations started which eventually led to the arrest of the wife – a mother of a six-year-old daughter, and her paramour, the Molvi, known as Tanveer Molvi, a resident of Lelhaar.

The arrest followed the exhumation of the body on Saturday. Police said they are waiting for the autopsy report but the killers have suggested they had administered some tablets to him before killing him. The investigations were carried out by a team of the police officers led by SDPO Pantha Chowk.

The lady belongs to Aloochibagh area and was married to Abiroo Shafi, almost seven years ago.

Abiroo Shafi, son of Mohammad Shafi, a resident of Salfia Colony in Nowgam. They are three brothers. While the two were living with their father, Abiroo was living slightly away from them in a nuclear family.

Police sources said that the family had taken their son’s death as normal, till his widow started behaving abnormally. She would talk to somebody on phone for most of the night and she was not as sad as she normally should have been. This led to the strong suspicion that something bad had happened.

When the police started investigations, it got various interesting insights into the case. “We were told by his friends that he would tell them that the Molvi is a fake, he talks something in the mosque and does not believe in it,” one investigator said. “He even told them that the Molvi had physical relations with women which is un-Islamic.”

Besides, Shafi, according to police had sought the help of a friend in tracing the call details of his wife. It was this detail that actually nailed the two.

The Molvi barley 26 years of age was considered to be a fierce speaker and an impressive orator. “People would close down their shops around noon to ensure they have their space in the mosque because the Molvi was very impressive in content and delivery,” the investors said. “It was this profile that helped the young man from Lelhar to get famous in the kitchens of the families.” The Molvi was a bachelor and would rarely go home.

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