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Press Trust of Kashmir refutes allegations leveled by Tameel Irshad, KPS

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SRINAGAR,: In response to a news item published by Kashmir Press Service (KPS) sister concern of Tameel Irshad newspaper regarding FCI PEG 2nd Budgam rebuttal statement carried by the Press Trust of Kashmir (PTK) on it news portal on 23, 05, 2018, it is clarified that the there is no question of defaming anyone or fake news.

PTK published the statement of FCI PEG 2nd Budgam which was rebutting news published by Tameel Irshad Newspaper   on 22, 05, 2018. The Wherhousing Enterprises PEG 2nd Budgam in its statements terms news published by the said newspaper as fake and based on malified interests for blackmailing.  The statement is in the possession of PTK.

Meanwhile the allegation made by KPS and Tameel Irshad against the Press Trust of Kashmir (PTK) are false and intended to defame the institution. The management of PTK has taken serious note of the allegations and malicious intent of KPS group.

PTK is prominent news agency of Valley and runs a news portal for the same, registered under rules before concern district magistrate (DM) besides registered with Government of Jammu and Kashmir under Establishment Act 1966 and income-tax rules 1962.

The general public is informed that the KPS and Tameel Irshad news group is known for monopoly in the media fraternity, hence always making attempts to choke the growth of new media entrepreneurs by different tactics of defaming them.

PTK believes that the blind allegations made by KPS warrants action under law. PTK management seeks an apology and a corrigendum from the KPS and Tameel Irshad for making an attempt to defame its employee Wahid Bhat who is pursuing degree in Mass Communications and works as Reporter with the PTK (Not a government employee working in education department as mentioned by KPS).  The management also seeks corrigendum for blaming ethical news gathering agency for blackmailing and being unregistered which is beyond facts.

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