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Rahul attacks PM Modi for not holding ‘press conference in four years’

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not addressing any press conference in the last four years. The Congress chief, who met reporters on the last day of campaign for the Karnataka Assembly elections, said he enjoyed meeting the regional and national media at his press conference in Bengaluru before training his guns on Modi for not holding a “press conference in four years”.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul said, “Enjoyed meeting the regional and national press today in Bengaluru. We had a packed house! I’m sorry not everyone got a chance to ask a question due to the paucity of time.”

He added, “But, unlike our PM who hasn’t had a press conference in 4 years, I will be doing many more of these!”

During his interaction with the media, Rahul also questioned the PM’s silence on atrocities against the Dalits. He said, “Dalits are being killed, beaten up and oppressed in our country. Rohith Vemula gets killed when he stands up for education and PM Modi doesn’t even say a word. I am happy that I at least raise the issue. Why doesn’t PM Modi raise this issue? Congress will defend the rights of Dalits.”

While referring to the increasing instances of crime against women across the country, the Congress chief also attacked Modi for “discussing bullet trains” but not “fundamental issues”. “Rapes are a political issue. Are you trying to say that politicians should remain silent while the women of this country are raped?” he said.

Karnataka will go to the polls on May 12 while counting has been scheduled for May 15.(Agencies)

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