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Civilians who danced during CM’s election rallies in 2014 being killed

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Srinagar: A delegation of Senior Congress Leaders led by it’s President G.A. Mir participated in the All Party Meeting convened by the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Wednesday and held detailed discussions about overall security scenario of the State, especially Kashmir valley and placed it’s serious concern before the APM. The Delegation also held detailed discussion over the mis-governance by PDP BJP Coalition and its failure on all counts, saying that the contradiction in the approach of PDP BJP with regard to Kashmir situation will remain the cause behind extremely volatile situation. Apart from G.A. Mir, the delegation comprises Senior Congress Leader Taj Mohi U Din, MLC Vice President G. N. Monga, MLA, General Secretary Usman Majeed, Senior Leader & Treasurer Krishan Kumar Amla. Participating in the debate, the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPCC) President G.A. Mir told the meeting that Govt has failed on all counts, saying that Kashmir is burning due to the negligence and mis-governance of PDP BJP Coalition, who have never been on the same page, the contradiction in their approach about the Kashmir situation has added chaos to people. He suggested certain measure to reach out to people to restore peace and confidence among them, as that, loss of civilians has damaged the peace very badly. G.A Mir said that the agenda of alliance as agreed by both parties has not been implemented so far, even an iota of the agenda of alliance has not been implemented or discussed even after passing of 1100 days of the coalition Govt, what the people got after voting for PDP in valley, he questioned the APM. He told the Chief Minister in the meeting that PDP & BJP have never been on the same page with regard to Kashmir, for the fact, she herself has not been able to make her coalition partner to have even discussion over the Agenda of Alliance, in which much has been promised to people after securing votes from them, but every promise made by them have fallen flat, he told APM He told the Chief Minister that those who have danced during her elections rallies in 2014 Assembly Elections were being killed and there is no end to violence in Kashmir valley, the irony is that She has not been able to ensure end to civilian killings, even She has not been able to ensure restraint by the Forces while dealing the situation, as a result, dozens of civilians were killed, adding anguish and agony to people. He told the Chief Minister that Kashmir is burning due to negligent attitude and mis-governance on the part of PDP BJP. He told both PDP & BJP in APM that they have betrayed and back-stabbed people for power and all the promises they made to people have fallen flat, as result there is great anguish and agony among the people across the State especially in Kashmir valley, leading to the extremely volatile situation. Mir also told APM that the ruling dispensation was hell bent upon to erode the democratic institutions of the State for personal benefit, as a result, there is a great disillusionment among the people on tis count also G.A. Mir emphasized to Chief Minister that she being Head of the UHQ should ensure restraint by the Forces while dealing with the situation, so that there is no loss of civilians, the UHQ has to ensure restraint by the Forces in the larger interest of peace and stability, he told the meeting. G.A. Mir further told the APM that Congress being the constructive Opposition have supported every initiative of the Govt contributing towards peace and normalcy in valley and it will remain committed on it’s stated position of working for peace and tranquility and safety of people, for the fact, the safety of people will remain on top of the agenda and one among the great concerns of the Party.

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