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JK Against Corruption appealed Education Minister to play a role to stop loot of Private Schools: Rajan Gupta 

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Jammu : Today on 5th of May 2018 JK Against Corruption organised a Press Conference which was headed by Rajan Gupta, Leela Jamwal Vice Chairman & Bhavita Rana Against Manoply of private schools to act irresponsibly flouting the prescribed norms as per directed by School Fee Hike committee but all in vein till date nothing happened on Ground but after reshuffle of Protocols of Minister we have a ray of hope on our newly announced Education Minister Ch Zulifkar Ali as he is capable & a visionary Leader & we hope he will take necessary actions against loot & manoply of Private School in which they are charging readmission from every student every year which is against the rules as they can’t charge readmission every year. Secondly they are charging fee for full session despite their are holidays in winter & summer session.
Rajan Gupta with list of demands that primarily covers bringing in one policy to regulate private schools functioning under Rules & make them strictly to follow, implementation of Right to Education (RTE) strictly for admitting Below Poverty Line (BPL) kids as per the Supreme Court guidelines, bringing all private schools under Right to Information (RTI) jurisdiction, constitution of State Advisory Council and District Education Appellate Authority involving the local authorities are a few major issues which will be taken by newly inducted Education Minister to streamline the demands of parents & need of hour to stop the loot of Private Schools.
Leela Jamwal appealed Hon’ble Minister besides all this constitute a governing body which will check how many schools didn’t follow the rules & regulations & rules of Fee Hike Committee, order school to refund admission Fee charged by them from parents on the name of building Fund, renovation fund or admission charges. Making all private schools to follow CBSE and J&K board regulations as mentioned on their respective websites, on Display board of their school as well on social networking sites.
Leela Jamwal said very few private schools in Jammu & Kashmir  have uploaded the details of book-lists, fees structure, how many uniforms they have & after how many years uniform will be changed etc on its official website. However, in order to maintain transparency, the district administration officials had asked all private schools to bring the details of book-lists prescribed for each class, fee structure etc in public domain by January 31 in upcoming session.
Bavita Rana appealed to Hon’ble Education Minister to upgrade the facilities provided in Government Schools as Government Schools lack basic facilities with well educated stall at the same time Private Schools take benefit & got opportunity to loot public at their will as everyone is curious of their kids & try their best to provide better education.
Team JK Against Corruption condole the unfortunate demise of senior Cameraman of Information Suram Singh in an unfortunate accident, prayed for the departed soul & stands with his family to bear the irreparable loss.

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