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Politicisation of Private Schools won’t be allowed

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Srinagar, : Coming down heavily on an unknown organisation by the name of J&K Joint Coordination Committee of Private Schools started with some ulterior looking motives, two main organisations representing private schools in Kashmir valley have distanced itself from the body.

The Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) and Joint Committee of Private Schools (JCPS) today in an emergency meeting termed the situation unfortunate and alarming. “We came to know from newspapers that a certain organisation by the name of J&K Joint Coordination Committee of Private Schools has been floated and both of us have been included in it without our consent,” said G N Var president PSAK. “We have no idea when the body was formed, who is in it and what are their objectives. The said body has floated advertisements appeasing politicians and giving political statements, which we will never do.”

The Association said that it is a sad day for education sector that some unscrupulous elements are trying to divide the educational platform for their petty needs. “PSAK is the only registered association of schools in Kashmir. JCPS is a platform representing all schools of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh. It is the platform which connects schools of various divisions with each other and also with schools organisations like NISA at national level and global level,” said Var. “Only these two organisations represent private schools here and there is no scope and no need for any other organisation.”

The Association said that PSAK is a living example of an organisation that has been united forever. “We have never been divided and we will protect our unity at any cost. We have vibrant grievance redressal mechanism wherein if anybody has any issue we jointly resolve it,” said Var.

The association said that as has been the experience, there are always people trying to divide the community and use their smaller platforms to gain political or other favours. “Our organisation has nothing to do with politics and it will always remain apolitical. Our only agenda is for betterment of education sector and benefit to students,” said Var.

The Association warned people of using their name without consent and if the same is repeated in future criminal charges will be filed against the person.

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