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MLA Langate leads protest march in solidarity with AMU students

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Handwara: After Friday prayers today hundreds protested against unabated killings in Kashmir and in solidarity with the students of Aligrah Muslim University, led by AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Rahid protesters were holding play card and shouting slogans.

Rashid expressed solidarity with the protesting Aligrah Muslim University Students and said that making so much of hue and cry over portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinah carries no meaning and has no logic.

“Whether it is Jinnah, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela or someone of their stature, they have to be respected everywhere cutting across political, religious and regional affiliations. One has a reason to differ with the politics of Jinnah but his struggle in ending British Rule from the sub-continent can never ever be undermined. Let those opposing Jinnah’s Portrait in AMU explain how PM Modi served Obama in Jinah house. They need to answer why should by their logic Nehru’s and Gandhi’s photos be displayed in JK,” Rashid said.

Addressing the gathering in main Chowk Handwara Rashid appealed for an unconditional ceasefire within Kashmir between armed forces and the militant outfits.

Rashid said that the oppressive measures by Army, Police and other agencies have yielded nothing except facilitating killings and increasing animosity between the masses and the forces.

“New Delhi must accept that for whatsoever reasons, militants are enjoying huge popular support in every nook and corner of Kashmir. Had they been really just terrorists people would never have risked their lives to save them during encounters. It is an established fact that killing militants has yielded nothing except increasing militancy,” Rashid said.

“When government figures itself confirm that scores of young men have joined militant ranks during last few months and the process is still continuing, what is the fun of fueling the fire and making self-centered interpretations. The fact is that whatsoever is happening in Kashmir has a history behind it and is by no means a law and order problem,” Rashid added.


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