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All in unison need to stop vicious cycle of killings in Kashmir: PDP

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Srinagar, May 3:::    Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday appealed the political leadership of both the state and the country to rise above the party lines and play a vital role in getting Jammu and Kashmir out of the vicious cycle of killings.

In a statement issued here, the PDP General Secretary Mansoor Hussain Soharwadhy said that political executives of the country and the state can lead this peace project by responding to the need of putting an end to the bloodshed in the state save the previous lives of the innocent people who are falling prey to the violence.

He said that the state is craving for the return of the stability and peace and those bearing the brunt of violence have been making the earnest calls for end to the bloodshed and mayhem without further delay.

Mansoor said it is high time for the entire leadership to support the people of the state in getting out of the vicious cycle of killings and uncertainty so that the innocent people no longer fear for their lives and for the wellbeing of their dear-ones.

The PDP General Secretary said peace, reconciliation and dialogue formed the core of the Agenda of Alliance reached between the PDP and the BJP, and that  the party has always been in the forefront to fulfil the aspirations of the people of the state who are looking up to for the establishment of the peace, tranquility and stability 0f Jammu and Kashmir.

It is high time that young men were given hope so that they do not choose the path of violence and a successful peace process in Jammu and Kashmir alone can fulfil the objectives of democracy and justice.

Underscoring the need for the sustained efforts to pt lid over the growing uncertainty and instability, Mansoor said that every civilian killing or collateral damage puts the peaceful engagement efforts of the Government on the back burner and gives the vested elements an opportunity to exploit the situation to their advantage.

Mansoor said those at the helm must check the power tussles, ego clashes, and internecine conflicts, which have repeatedly debilitated the dialogue and reconciliation process. “Irrespective of the party lines, the political groups need to rise above and play a constructive role in unison so that state’s present generation is saved from mayhem and bloodshed.”

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