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Modi in China: PM invites Xi to informal summit in India next year

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PM Modi tells Chinese President Xi Jinping that he will be happy to host the next informal summit in India next year. In his one-on-one meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, PM Modi drew a parallel between the Indus and Chinese civilizations, both of which sprawled around rivers.

Prime Minister Modi said, “Both our civilisations developed beside rivers. If We talk about the Mohenjo Daro and Harappa civilisations in India the entire development used to take place around rivers.”

Acknowledging Prime Minister Modi’s first visit to Wuhan President Xi said, “We also understand that you are interested in Eastern and Western China. Wuhan is located in Central China that is why we are meeting here.”

President Xi further pointed out that Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, has emerged as a transportation hub and a key industrial base.

Prime Minister Modi praised the speed and magnanimity at which China has developed itself as a nation. He highlighted his previous visit to the Hubei province in China as Gujarat’s Chief Minister.

“When I was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, I had the opportunity to visit this province. I had heard a lot about the Three Gorges Dam. The speed at which you constructed it and the scale inspired me. So I came on a study tour, spent a day at the dam.”

The two leaders are now scheduled to hold informal summit talks at East Lake guesthouse followed by a boat ride.The two-day visit by Prime Minister Modi to China is touted as an informal meeting between the leaders of the two Asian giants. (Agencies)

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