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Legislators being sidelined to favour PDP leaders – NC

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Srinagar : National Conference on Wednesday expressed serious concern and disappointment over repeated attempts to undermine and sideline elected representatives in an effort to allow the defeated candidates of the ruling dispensation to wield an unconstitutional influence in administrative decisions. In a statement issued from NC Headquarters in Srinagar, NC State Spokeskerson Junaid Mattu and MLA Pahalgam Altaf Kaloo have said the Government should understand the grave risks of undermining the representative character of the system as this would have disastrous consequences on democracy and its prospects in the State.
“The essence of democracy is sacrosanct and needs to be respected and nurtured above and beyond partisan lines. Repeated attempts have been made across the State and especially in Pahalgam Constituency to undermine elected representatives and negate the constitutional roles of legislators in key planning and policy decisions. This is a dangerous trend and needs to be nipped in the bud before democracy in the State is discredited resulting in indifference at the grassroots level. The recent example is of the demand for the establishment of a Degree College in Pahalgam – assurance for which had been given both in the District Development Board Meeting and on the floor of the Legislative Assembly. Despite assurances that the local MLA would be taken on board in the process of establishing the college, it has been tragic that the Government is allowing the local PDP leader to influence the process. This has yet again sent out a wrong signal that democratic institutions in the State are being rendered dysfunctional and redundant and it is time that the Chief Minister realizes this and taken prompt action”, the NC leaders said in the statement.
NC Leader and MLA Pahalgam Altaf Kaloo said there were serious apprehensions that the local PDP leader was interfering into the process of the establishment of a Degree College in Pahalgam and said this was unacceptable and a clear violation of constitutional and administrative propriety. “The entire process should be transparent and objective. Neutrality in such affairs that concern the future of our students and children is paramount. Playing politics over such important issues is unfortunate and doesn’t behove senior political representatives. Any efforts to undermine the people’s aspirations and demands would be opposed tooth and nail”, NC Leader and MLA Pahalgam, Altaf Kaloo said.
“I have spoken to the Chief Minister and apprised her of this matter and demanded that this process should not be hijacked in the din of partisan politics. She has assured that she will look into this matter and I hope objectivity is upheld. Any move to the contrary will be unfortunate and tragic”, the NC MLA Pahalgam added.


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