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Honest probe will send 80% Govt. employees to jail: Er. Rasheed

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SRINAGAR: Urging the need for breaking nexus between politicians and bureaucrats to eradicate corruption, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that most of the state and central sponsored schemes have become like money making machines for a huge section of Govt. employees.
While addressing public meetings at Waisa, Teerina, Bicherwara and Khaipora today Er. Rasheed said “Despite availability of funds in PHE, Public Works, Rural Dev. and other departments common men is feeling deprived of basic immunities.
While ministers are busy with finding unique ways to build their empires, officers and bureaucrats with their full patronage seem busy in looting the public money. If an honest investigation is carried out 60% to 80% employees of engineering wings, Rural Dev., Revenue and social welfare will find their place in Jails. The huge nexus between lower rank to higher rank officials works in a manner that common man just keeps on crying without being able to make an redressal of his issues.”
Er. Rasheed appealed state Govt. employees and their bosses to re-fix their goals and ambitions and feel some sense of responsibility so that the state gets at least some governance. He said “The frequent strikes, law and order problem and political instability can never be accepted as an excuse to resolve day today burning issues of common man.
Govt. employees being part of the society should realize that by serving in far-flung areas and being busy with executing developmental works is not a favour to common masses, but they are all public servant and must never take common masses far-granted. It is high time for Kashmiris as a society to decide that if the huge majority takes a moral ground while seeking resolution to Kashmir dispute, what is the justification to loot public funds”.

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