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Coaching Centre’s defy Govt ban, vow to resume classes from tomorrow

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Srinagar:-The Private Coaching Centres Association in Kashmir has decided to defy the government’s ban order to shut down all tuition and coaching centres for school students for 90 days.
Education Minister Altaf Bukhari on Sunday said that private tuition centres have become a distraction for students and will be shut for 90 days. He made these remarks after holding a meeting of bureaucrats in the education department. He did not elaborate on what he meant by “distraction”.
The move seems to be aimed at forcing students back into schools and colleges to attend classes. Students have repeatedly been protesting on streets and clashing with government forces, the latest cause being the rape and murder of a Gujjar minor girl in Jammu region’s Kathua district. The government has had to repeatedly close schools and colleges in the aftermath of such massive and often violent student protests.
In a press conference on Monday in Srinagar, the association said in relation to the order issued by Education Minister regarding the closure of Coaching Institutes for 90 Days and the subsequent developments in this regard, we would like to put forth the following points.
1.As already conveyed, the usage of terms ‘Distraction’. ‘Human Rights Violations’. A ‘Money-Minting Shops’ with relation to Coaching Institutes by Education Minister and other government officials time and again is condemnable and unfortunate. Instead of recognizing the contributions of Coaching Institutes in providing quality education and preparing students for Competitive examination like NEET. JEET. Olympiads, such defamatory irresponsible statements made by Govt Authorities docs act disservice and discourages the genuine effort of young entrepreneurs. The first step if a consultative process is a recognition of work done by various parties. The Govt Authorities should make it a point that usage of generic sweeping statements in relation to Coaching Institutes should be stopped
2.In response to a distinction between ‘Academic’ and ‘Professional’ Coaching, we as an association would like to convey that all programs run by Coaching Institutes are integrated Courses and cater to the demands of Competitive Examinations of different nature. An awareness drive about the same would be carried henceforth for the benefit of the parents and students.
3.Considering the same, all coaching Institutes adhering to the Integrated Programs mentioned above would start functioning normally from tomorrow. 24/04/2018 (Tuesday)- This step again is in the foremost interest of the students and we as an association would not like to see students suffer because of the high-handedness of Govt Authorities- We would never encourage and in fact suggest the students not take to roads to protest this decision. A students place is in the Classroom and that is how it should be.
4.Few points which need deliberation in relation to the Closure Order are.
a.The validity of Registration given to Coaching Institutes by Education Department.
b.Status of Students who were sent to Coaching Institutes by Education Department under 10% Free Quota for Orphans/Destitutes/BPL.
c.Status of GST Compliance in view of discontinuation of services.
d.Whether any consultative mechanism was followed and whether any registered coaching Institute was involved in taking the said decision.
5.The Association sees this step as a knee-jerk reaction on part of the government In response to student protests. Making a scapegoat of students and Coaching Instituted in solving Law and Order Problems is deeply disturbing and would set a bad precedent for future.
6.Lastly, for the benefit of General Public, we would encourage Government to initiate a public debate involving academicians, educationists, school authorities and coaching Institutes to discuss
a.Awareness about National Level Competitive Exams.
b.Role of Coaching Institutions lit education setup in Jammu & Kashmir.
c.Development of a mechanism where Education Department and Coaching Centres Association jointly develop a streamlined process to benefit the students.

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