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Attend classes or face the music: Bukhari to students

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Minister for education, Syed Muhammad Altaf Bukhari on Saturday asked the students to control their emotions and attend classes or else they will be treated as “rowdies”.

Speaking to reporters in Srinagar, the minister said the government closed the colleges and schools in view of the security of the students.

Campuses have erupted against the rape-and-murder of a minor girl in Kathua. Dozens of students have been injured in clashes with the government forces during past two weeks.

“Security of students is paramount, that is why we kept schools and colleges closed. But now students should control their emotions and go back to their classes,” said Bukhari.

He said the students were given chance to give vent to their emotions after Kathua incident. “Now enough is enough, they have registered their protest and should attend schools now,” he said while appealing all the political leaders to spare education from politics.

“We can’t afford to have future a generation of illiterates and uneducated [people]. So I request all, particularly students to make schools functional.”

The minister said as per government rules, there will be no compromise on attendance of students in the schools.

“I would like to tell students to stay in classes, because they would be treated as rowdies if they keep coming on roads. And if they still want to come on roads then we will close educational institutions for ever and students will be responsible for it,” he said.

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