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Crime Branch investigation on Kathua Case is fine, will analyze Tasaduq Mufti Statement: Dr.Nirmal Singh

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Srinagar,: In a rare recognition of honesty of political rival in south Asian polity the former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah lauded Tasaduq Mufti Tourism Minister for his latest remarks on functioning of the coalition government.
Tassaduq, in a freewheeling interview to The Indian Express, said: “Today the threat is that while we are in control, we are no longer trusted. We were supposed to be partners in rebuilding of this place but, sad to admit this, due to the non-fulfilling of commitments, we have ended up being partners in a crime that an entire generation of Kashmiris might have to pay with their blood.”
While talking to the Kashmir  News Bureau, Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. Nirmal Singh stated – “I have not gone through the interview of Tasadaq Mufti and whatever he has stated will be analyzed thoroughly. I am in the constituency and nothing like this has come at official lines. Our alliance has been formed after long deliberations and marathon and if issues like this come will be discussed.”
“Coming to the brutal rape and murder of Kathua child we will ensure justice and are happy with the Crime Branch investigation and the ministers had visited to diffuse the tensions in Kathua and not to defend culprits. The ministers had not gone their shield to culprits and we will ensure justice in Kathua brutal rape and murder case. The rapist has no religion neither he is Hindu nor Muslim nor he will be taken as criminal as law and rationale demands. Some defeatist politicians are unnecessarily raising issues,” the Dy CM added.
On the other hand, saying there are few instances of honest disclosure in politics, opposition leader Omar Abdullah on Friday lauded tourism minister Tassaduq Mufti for his comment: “BJP-PDP partners in crime, people no longer trust us”. Omar made an assertion that “there are very few instances in politics” to make “honest” statements.
“He has not much experience of politics. He is only a few months old minister. I would not say his remarks came late. I salute his honesty… very few instances come in politics to see this kind of honesty and sincerity”.
Meanwhile, commenting on the development , Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen, MLA Khansahab and President Peoples Democratic Front, while talking to The Kashmir News Bureau stated –“From Four years within assembly and outside Assembly that there should be  end to innocents being murdered  and aware masses that PDP BJP government is breaking all promises and has long time back   broken the agenda of alliance. Thank god now it has been admitted by even the top leader of PDP Tasaduq Mufti. PDP has already committed historic mistakes by going with alliance with BJP and people will not forget them .Bloodshed, corruption backdoor appointment have become order of day.”

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