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Basant Rath seizes PDP leaders car, sends him home in his own vehicle

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SRINAGAR: State’s traffic manager Basant Rath has seized the vehicle of a former lawmaker and district president for violating a traffic law, sources said. He was driven to his home in the officer’s vehicle.

Official sources said Rath has intercepted the vehicle of a former PDP Lawmaker who was travelling in his official car. During checking the documents, Rath felt that he was not carrying certain things which were a formal case requiring the seizure of the vehicle. He seized the vehicle instantly and offered his own vehicle to the politician that dropped him at his home.

The incident has taken place somewhere near Rajbagh. PDP sources confirmed the incident but did not offer details of its leader.

Rath has been aggressively implementing rule of law on the road ever since he took over as the IGP traffic. He did certain rudimentary shifts in Jammu and then flew to Srinagar with the change. He has already cleared the pavements from the wayside encroachers and has been seen personally acting against the violators – in one case even running after a two-wheeler.

The Traffic chief is using the social websites as a major tool to communicate, and interact.  For his direct approach to the crisis, he has a huge fan following. “I am Basant Rath. I do what I do,” continues to be his famous signature line on Facebook and Twitter. On the issue of footpaths, he has conveyed everything in his one line: “Footpaths are for pedestrians. And there’ll be no panel discussions on this.”

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