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Jammu and Kashmir Bank Khidmat Centers fail to impress  

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Srinagar,): Jammu and Kashmir Bank opened in the state about a decade back its wide network of Khidmat centers to create employment opportunities and provide basic services to the people at their doorsteps.
The motivational thrust was to have access to information, backed with relevant infrastructure and services, not only allows rural populace to improve its quality of life but also supports and supplements its existing incomes in a sustainable way. Access to information and services like e-Government, micro-credit, literacy, education, health, etc., can provide a solid foundation for the economic prosperity of rural India.
But down the line it seems the efficiency of these Khidmat centers is under question mark as from loanee cases to other works customers are complaining of lethargy creeping in these Khidmat centres and thus people at receiving end. At some places a single person is running two distant Khidmat centres. At one such instance the loan case related customer at Abroo Tangmarg stated that he is suffering since quite some time due to callous approach of concerned Khidmat center.
“JK Bank is failing to regulate Khidmat centers. Aboora village and Kunzer Tangmarg are about eight kilometers in distance but a same person is running two khidmat centers as a result we are suffering, stated a customer. The Branch Manager Kunzer when contacted, he too agreed that his case has been passed and it is lying with Khidmat center.
But questions are raised how brach manager is encouraging such element who is running two Khidmat centers at one instance that too at distant location putting customers in distress.
It is a known fact that Rural consumers are willing to pay for products and services that meet their needs and are offered at affordable prices. Therefore, what Rural India needs is a new social contract – in which there will be common access infrastructure, provided at commercial prices rather than given for free.But here in Kashmir we are witness to lot of instances wherein Khidmat centers are failing to meet the desired needs of customers.

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