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Life paralysed, authorities close down educational institutions

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With no official or minister ready to announce closure of educational institutions the confusion about the status of these educational institutions for Wednesday remained till late night on Tuesday. There has been a strange response from the government to the protests in Kashmir especially since the year 2017. On every Seperatists call government closes all educational institutions and impose restrictions. They have been closing down schools and colleges for days together and today is the third running day in entire Kashmir for students to remain indoors.
The government has been very loud for the continuation of education and in the past has been blaming Seperatists for not caring about the future of students. Now it is a routine in Kashmir that police decides wether the students have to study, traders have to come out or even wether the trains have to chug on rails of Kashmir. Opposition and Seperatists are very close to the reality when they say that it is a police state.
On Wednesday early morning reports from different areas of valley said that paralyses of life continues with no public transport on the roads. This the fourth day of curfew like restrictions coupled with Seperatists call for strikes making the life of an average Kashmiri miserable and difficult. “We have seen few months of restrictions in the past sixteen months. The government is not allowing us even to open shops” said one trader of downtown Srinagar to this newspaper.

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