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AFSPA, PSA offshoots of unresolved Kashmir issue: Geelani

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Srinagar,: Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that AFSPA and PSA were offshoots of an unresolved Kashmir problem, saying the dictatorial rule, imposition of draconian laws and continuation of forced occupation of New Delhi, reflect the acceptance of defeat by the authorities as it signifies their nervousness and fear of facing the rightful resistance from people.
Referring to the Statement of Union minister Hansraj Gangaram, wherein he has stated that New Delhi has no plans to withdraw AFSPA, (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) in Jammu and Kashmir, Geelani said that New Delhi instead of accepting the hard realities about Kashmir issue, are resorting to barbarism, loot, plunder, genocide, rapes and through its military might supress genuine aspiration of subjugated people in occupied state.
New Delhi has added, black and barbarous chapter in history while denying the fundamental right of people in state, Geelani asserted, saying especially since past thirty years, Indian and their local stooges are denying political space, muzzling genuine voices and curbing peaceful activities in state.
The ongoing freedom movement for right to self-determination has entered in decisive phase, said Geelani and while lashing at ruling elite, added they instead of facing peaceful and political movement and its leadership on political turf, they resorted to military might and other coercive measures to supress our genuine aspiration, however failed, Geelani said.
Challenging state and union authorities, spokesman said that we time and again asked authorities to lift curbs and allow Syed Ali Geelani, (“who has been incarcerated continuously for last eight years”), however sensing the sentiments and enthusiasm of people with freedom movement, authorities are reluctant and seem to be in no mood to face Geelani on political turf.
Hailing people for their bravery, valour, high spirits and their commitment with freedom movement Geelani asked authorities,” for how long you will declare Kashmir as disturbed area” and carry all your coercive measures to devoid people from their fundamental right of freedom.
Referring to annals of history, Syed Ali Geelani suggested Indian authorities to shun fanatical politics and said that ,the need of the hour is to acknowledge ground realities of the long-pending J&K dispute, saying history and the circumstances are enough to prove that rightful resistance movement never failed.
No power on earth or draconian laws like AFSPA can change the narrative, said Geelani, saying that authorities can use their delaying tactics but it will never stop us to achieve, what we are striving for.
Srinagar, March 21: Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani while paying tributes to slain youth in Helmut Pora Kupwara, said that nation will never forget sacrifices presented by our brave hearts.
We are dutybound to safeguard these precious sacrifices, said Geelani, saying we won’t allow anyone to exploit freedom sentiments or build their castles on sacred blood of martyrs.
Srinagar, March 21; Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep grief over the demise of prominent writer, columnist and poet, Maqbool Sahil and extended his condolences to grieved family and prayed for departed soul.

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