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Why Mehbooba government can’t cease operations?

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Even after winter break, authorities here have not been able to reopen educational institutes In the month of March. There has been no tourists season or developmental activity of any significance since summer of 2016. There is a question being asked by civil society in Kashmir why government is not announcing a cease fire to stop killing of youth in the name of being terrorists? Every funeral of a youth wether civilians OGW or militant creates dozen more of youth to join militant ranks. What are these all operations being conducted vying army and police in south kashmir? Is army chasing some hardened war veterans? Most of the youth killed since Burhan wani killing in south kashmir have been youth, teenagers, moved by either police repression or by the funeral of their own neighbour to pick up the gun. Army in the past two years ahsan killed dozens of those youth who underwent no arms training nor where having any weapons. All this is being done with Mehbooba Mufti heading the unified command. This cycle of killings violence and protests needs an end. It can be done by doing some beginning.a comprehensive cease fire in south kashmir can be a new beginning in Kashmir. This will allow the teenagers and the youth who have joined militant ranks to think freely without bring on run of wether to continue on the path of militancy or to look for some political space.
As the events are unfolding in this month of March, it seems unlikely that tourist season will pick up. This would be yet another year of no business in kashmir especially in Srinagar city. Now the antimiltancy operations coupled with no business is bringing slowly entire population on the path of frustration and finally confrontation with government. Opposition NC especially Abdullah’s are trying to convey to new Delhi by their statements taste they are more than ready if New Delhi is thinking of changing the face in J&K state to replace Mehbooba. Separatists on their part are only trying to remain relevant by giving strike calls on the killing of these teenagers, without applying their mind to reorient the resistance and struggle of Kashmiris with changing times. The status quo of the situation suits separatists, opposition and even the ruling party PDP. And in the meanwhile teenagers and angry youth continue to get killed in such army operations as if they are chasing LTTE militants in the forests of Jaffna. It is the time when civil society will have to play a role and force government to create a political space of dissent and to stop a our teenagers getting killed in brief gunfights and many times innocent youth in the name of being OGW’S. If Mehbooba Mufti has even a bit of concern for the youth getting mercilessly killed in south kashmir she should prevail upon the central government to announce a cease fire to begin the process of dialogue and reconciliation in Kashmir.

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