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Who is out to humiliate the Kashmiri officers?

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Opposition and independent  MLA Engineer Rasheed have recently accused Jammu ministers of BJP humiliating Kashmiri Muslims officers. Engineer Rasheed went a step ahead and asked Mehbooba Mufti to step down if she is so helpless before BJP ministers.
Is it coincidence or plan to create scare and humiliate these Kashmiri Muslims officers. Director SKIMS doctor Ahanger had a tiff with BJP health minister and his commissioner health. First he was removed, when some kashmiri MLAS raised voice, he was rehabilitated for a while as Secretary coordination. Recently government ordered his immediate suspension and accused him of mismanagement and corruption.
Take the case of KU vice chancellor Dr Khurshid Andrabi. Raj Bhavan officials were not  happy with his functioning and they started spreading stories against him in media and in political circles. On Saturday vigilance organisation registered a case against him for allegedly appointing a candidate in contravention to the rules. Although KU VC fought a legal battle for extension, but could not get it as governor N.N Vohra was not happy with his functioning. Are these cases against two prominent Kashmiri Muslim officers genuine? Has the process started to humiliate Kashmiri officials? The government has been saying that it is a routine investigation and law will take its own course. Is it a routine or sinister plan of BJP ministers to weed-out Muslim officers from key positions in administration.

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