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Google offers free online machine learning course

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Thursday, 1 Mar 2018

There really is no escaping topics on Artificial Intelligence or machine learning in this day and age. They are used in many aspects of our lives, and Google hopes to encourage everyone to understand how these technologies can help solve challenging problems.

“AI can solve complex problems and has the potential to transform entire industries, which means it’s crucial that AI reflect a diverse range of human perspectives and needs.

“That’s why part of Google AI’s mission is to help anyone interested in machine learning succeed – from researchers, to developers and companies, to students,” said Google Technical Program Manager Zuri Kemp on the company’s official blog.

She also introduced the new Learn with Google AI website which provides ways for users to learn about core machine learning concepts, develop and hone their skills in the subject, as well as apply the technology to real-world problems.

Learn with Google AI also offers a free online course called Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) which provides exercises, interactive visualisation, and instructional videos for anyone to learn and practise machine learning concepts.

“Our engineering education team originally developed this fast-paced, practical introduction to machine learning fundamentals for Googlers. So far, more than 18,000 Googlers have enrolled in MLCC, applying lessons from the course to enhance camera calibration for Daydream devices, build virtual reality for Google Earth, and improve streaming quality at YouTube. MLCC’s success at Google inspired us to make it available to everyone,” added Kemp.

The course’s duration is estimated at 15 hours, and is designed for newcomers without any knowledge in machine learning, although the website states that intro-level of algebra and some basic programming experience would prove beneficial.

“There’s more to come from Learn with Google AI, including additional courses and documentation. We’re excited to help everyone learn more about AI,” said Kemp.(Agencies)


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