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Those Who Rape Acid Attack Victims Can’t Call us Terrorist: AAP

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AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh addressed a press conference and claimed that the party was being hounded by the BJP since it formed a government in Delhi.

He told reporters that the discussion between AAP MLAs and Delhi’s chief secretary, Anshu Prakash, did get a little heated up, however it didn’t turn violent like the chief secretary has made it to be.

“Firstly, there’s no proof of such assault. If such an incident happens at night to anybody, he would call the police right away. But what does the Chief Secretary do? He does nothing all night, but the next day he gathers a crowd and makes such allegations. There’s a video of an AAP minister getting beaten up in the Delhi Secretariat. Does the Home Minister not care about that?” – Sanjay Singh, AAP Member

“From the very beginning there has been an attempt to defame the AAP government. If they have such a big problem with our government, then I urge the Centre to get us all arrested and be in peace but I urge them to refrain from making such false allegations,” Singh said.

“The news channels flashed a video of BJP member Manoj Tiwari calling us “urban naxalites” and terrorists,” he said, adding, “How dare those who lynched Pehlu Khan call us terrorists?”

“How dare those people, whose fellow party members attempt rape on acid attack victims… how dare the party who got a woman police officer transferred out of Uttar Pradesh to a remote area for doing her job call us naxalites? We have never had a single instance of violence in our rallies, in any colleges.”Singh told reporters that the timing of such an allegation was a BJP propaganda to bury the news of Nirav Modi. “We understand your desperation and we know who’s pressurising you,” he told reporters.(Agencies)

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