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8 damaged irrigation khuls restored in Poonch: Javaid Mustafa Mir

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Minister for Disaster Management, Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Javaid Mustafa Mir informed the upper House that the government restored eight of the ten irrigation Khuls damaged in Poonch during 2014 floods.

Replying to a question of Pradeep Sharma, the Minister informed that the floods of 2014 damaged   Solah Gravity Khul, Srar Khul, Hillian Khul, Bijliwali Khul, Khanetar Khul, Kanuyian Khul, Magnar Khul, Dungas Bela Khul, Jhullas Khul,  Salotri Khul.

He said except Salotri and Khanetar Khuls all have been restored. The Minister said the restoration work of the Salotri khul has been proposed under Pardhan Mantri Krishi Sanchai Yojana and reflected in the current year action plan. He added that the DPR is under preparation.

Giving further information, he said the Khanetar Khul could not be restored as the original route, alignment has been totally damaged and local people are being persuaded to provide land for the purpose.

Meanwhile, he said Degwar Madyala to Ajote, Magnar to Salotri and Khanetar to Bainch Khuls were also got damaged in the floods.

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