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Katra:- Hotel & Restaurant Association President & Co-Chairman PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industries Rakesh Wazir in a meeting held here today at Katra wherein Chairman of the Association Shyam Lal Kesar was also present said that it is surprising that the vehicles of Tourists and public coming or going to Jammu Airport are forced to stop outside Jammu Airport on the name of security whereas the real sensitive Airports like Srinagar,Delhi,Mumbai etc. and Raliway Stations like Banihal,Srinagar,Anantnag,Baramula and other such sensitive places have got vehicular access upto the last point of dropping and this restriction on vehicular entry inside the airport is a big set back to the Jammu Tourism.
Mr.Wazir said that despite overall availability of all the facilities there,the deliberately created discomforts at both arrival and departure for all the Air passengers at Jammu Airport alone are very much irritating the tourists/ pilgrims of the country and abroad equally like the local people as well and the people deployed overthere instead of managing the vehicles traffic at the Airport like as is being done in all the cities of the country and the worldover, the cops on duty there had simply selected to put the Airport passenger at trouble instead of taking any trouble themselves and to get free themselves completely.
He said that it is really astonishing that Air passengers are got down of their vehicles quite away 350 meters ahead of airport authority fixed arrival/departure points and all patients, infirms, old , women children and the young are compelled to walk on foot, carrying on their heavy luggages on their heads, infants in laps covering that long distance and finally to reach the Airport authority fixed all facility point, where otherwise they had to reach peacefully by cars and avail of the already made facilities there like parkings,wide roads etc. quite like all over India and the word over Airports, excepting Jammu Airport alone.Defending themselves on the childish like excuses / pretexts not ever believable nor digested by a normal sensible man for defaming a peacefull place like Jammu city thereby deliberately tried to be shown as the worst militancy affected city the world over even as compared to the really militancy effected cities like Srinagar,Banihal,Anantnag, Kabul and Iraq etc. and all the comforts of the Air passengers are sacrificed upon the comforts of the cops posted on duty there.
Mr.Kesar said that the such like affairs overhere are badly effecting the tourism trade of J&K and needs to be set right forth- with and that is the only reason that J&K tourism which was known world over and was at the top once, is now at the bottom, whereas the tourism places like Himachal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa and Delhi etc, not visible at all sometimes back are now at the top and asked for stopping such like anti- tourism minor as well as major incidents to save our Tourism, the main bread earning means and major source of livelihood of our state.
He rather suggested the Mumbai Airport model wherein vehicles go upto the last point and thereafter pick up or drop the guests and come back in a specified time ,written on a slip issued while entering the airport and the vehicles taking more time than specified are charged heavily by which the vehicles go upto the last point and don’t stop there for the fear of charge by which free flow of vehicles is maintained and people avail the facility of going inside as well.
All the people in the meeting were of the considered opinion that the Tourism Minister and the Chief Minister in particularly be appealed and if need be met personally as well for intervening into the matter and personally looking into the ongoing such like anti-Tourism affairs in the state for early and immediate redressal thereof.
The meeting among others was attended by Association Sr.Vice President Virender Kesar,Gen.Secretary Kuldeep Dubey,Vice Presidents Ajay Kotwal,Karan Wazir,Sumit Khajuria,Nishant Sharma,Vivek Sharma etc.

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