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Both sides lock horns brunt on people of kashmir

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Who will blink first is the question between joint resistance leadership and Mehbooba Mufti government and in this game so far people of kashmir are bearing the brunt. JRL gave a call for shutdown and civil curfew for Saturday authorities responded by just repeating thier statement of imposition of restrictions in seven police stations of srinagar city.

The government in the current year has by restrictions and by closure of educational institutions shown that they have only one solution to all political dissent that is curfew and restrictions. Separatists have yet to come out of the shadows of giving general strike calls for everything and for every occasion.

Having said that police and administration have very low credibility among the common masses and the growing vaccum is being filled by angry groups on the streets who have thrashed one and all on the suspecion of being braid choppers. This is vrtual anarchy and there is no trace of the government or its authority on the ground.

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