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Fix responsibility at top says editors

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The financial irregularities which surfaced after an Rti reply in the information department is nothing new say editors of those newspapers who are not part of any union here.

They have demanded fixing of responsibility at the top and said it should start from incharge minister and end up with Director of information. They have blamed the department from encouraging union mafia by trying to please the active members of unions with huge share of advertisements.

They have demanded that information department should display on thier website how much of money has been given to every newspaper of kashmir in the past 5 years. They said that earlier union members used to get maximum share and now they are doing Rti applications as they feel new union members are getting more share of advertisements.in this confusing scenario some vested elements within the information department also making money by propping up thier own favourites. They have demanded complete transparency and display of amount received by all newspapers at least in the past five years. They said that such display would be an eye opener even for the government to understand how few newspapers have been benefitted at the cost of rest of the newspapers.

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