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FIFA 18’s india map omits jammu-kashmir

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FIFA 18’s release date is September 29 but it’s been available for those with EA Access for Xbox One and Origin Access for PC since September 21. In the run up to hitting the store shelves both digital and physical, it appears the India map on FIFA 18does not include the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Where has this omission taken place? Well, one of FIFA’s signature modes is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). This mode lets you create your own squad of players from scratch and turn them into world beaters. FIFA 18 adds a twist to the formula with Squad Battles, wherein you can pit your ultimate team versus those created by celebrities, footballers, EA itself, or even other players. It’s when playing against other players in Squad Battles that it was noticed that the India map used to denote an opponent’s location was missing Jammu and Kashmir.(Agencies )

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