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Rajnath expects Doklam solution soon

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ANI   August 21, 2017

Union Home Minister on Monday expressed confidence that the ongoing tiff between and over the tri-junction area of the Doklam sector near Bhutan will be resolved soon, and peace will be restored between the two neighbours.

Addressing a gathering at the symbolic Pipping Ceremony Promotions of officers and personnel of the Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) forces here, Rajnath stated that he is looking forward to a positive move from China, adding that the bilateral relations of with its neighbours should involve solace, not struggle.

“We have healthy relations with other countries, and this has also been the focus of Prime Minister Modi. We want peace, not struggle. I agree that there is a rift between and over the Doklam issue. I am sure that there will be a positive move from China, after which the matter will be resolved and peace will be restored,” said Rajnath.

Lauding the jawans for their commitment towards maintaining security, Rajnath, while narrating an incident from his meeting with them in Ladakh earlier, said their morale is so high that nobody would ‘dare to raise eyes towards them’.

“When I went to Ladakh, I was meant to meet the jawans the following morning. The weather conditions were so extreme that I had never experienced such harsh cold. While I was expecting the jawans to be worn out and under the weather, their impeccable morale impressed me, and made me realise that with such a strong force, nobody would dare to raise eyes on them,” he said.

Further instilling the nation’s faith in the forces, Rajnath assured that although there has been a delay in the promotions of some jawans, the matter will be cleared immediately, ensuring no such delay in the future.

“Promotions and persuasion are necessary to keep the morale of the jawans high. It is noteworthy, however, that in spite of a glitch in the same, the morale of these jawans has not dropped. Promotions should not be delayed at any cost,” he said.

“The Home Ministry has a proposal regarding the ITBP’s recruitment rules. I will ask the Home Secretary to clear this as soon as possible,” assured Rajnath.

He also said the residential problems being faced by paramilitary forces are being deliberated upon and residential facilities will be increased in the near future.

and have been witness to the stand-off for long over the tri-junction area of the Doklam sector.

The stand-off emerged after the China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) construction party attempted to build a road near the Doklam area.

Bhutan recognises Doklam as its area while claims it as part of its Donglang region. Doka La is the Indian name for the region.


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